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massachusetts health care proxy form 2021

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The Partnership grants permission to This Health Health Care Proxy adapted from a form preparedCentral Central Massachusetts Partnership to Improve Carethethe End of Life. I am not an operator administrator or employee of a hospital nursing home rest home Soldiers Home or other health facility where the principal is presently a patient or resident or has applied for admission or if I am such a person I am also related to the principal by blood marriage or adoption. Signature of Alternate...
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In national cases from Terry Schiavo to Marlise Munoz, we have all seen how easily things go terribly wrong when there are conflicts regarding responsibility for major medical decisions.  But every day there are situations when an accident or illness takes us by surprise and we are caught unprepared.  Moreover, a Massachusetts healthcare proxy form you are free to choose almost anyone as an Agent, but it is important that you discuss your treatment preferences with your Agent. You may also write on the form certain treatments that you do or do not want.

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Hi I'm Todd Ratner I'm an associate in the estate planning and elder law department of bacon Wilson a health care proxy is a very important vital document relative to planning for your incapacity a health care proxy allows you to nominate a health care agent in the event that you become incapacitated it should be noted that as long as you remain competence you're in charge of your medical and treatment decisions it's only in the event then the way that we draft is that if to independence doctors d me to be incompetent then the document is triggered and activated also within the health care proxy it's an important to put language relative to what we call living will language what living will provides that in the event that two independent physicians say that you're in an irreversible condition like an irreversible coma with absolutely no chance of recovery whether or not you want to be kept alive by machines it's very important that you make this decision or provide your wishes and desires that way the onus will not be placed on the then serving healthcare agent to make that very very important decision also within the health care proxy we have language relative to HIPAA HIPAA came into effect within the last 10 years so if you have a health care proxy that is older than 10 years old you really want to check to ensure that you have HIPAA release language medical providers are unable to release medical information about you unless you have signed a release we like to insert this release directly into the health care proxy so that medical providers would be able to provide that information to your then serving healthcare agents also within our health care proxies we also can add additional language if you so desire that language includes whether or not you wish to be an organ donor whether or not you wish to be cremated upon death and whether or not you have specific burial instructions it's a very very important documents and one that should not be overlooked upon the execution of a health care proxy it is important to provide a be to any primary care physician and any doctors that you see on a regular basis a copy is as good as an original and it should just simply be placed in your file upon your next doctor visit this is Todd Ratner and associate estate planning and elder law attorney at bacon Wilson